05:40 pm
18 January 2021

How to get out of step in the process of 3D printing solution?

How to get out of step in the process of 3D printing solution?

Asynchronous refers to print 3D models in the process of displacement and migration, as to why this is the case, we each say, summed up as follows:

1. the mechanical structure is not vertical. Because the XY axis intersection angle is not 90 degree angles (especially the cross structure), making the whole mechanical part forms a resistance, not flowing smoothly sliding;u=1373421120,2702766788&fm=21&gp=0

2. motor timing belt pulley bolt loose.

3. mechanical resistance.

4. the motor current. Due to insufficient current drive of step-motor, stepper motor synchronization is not enough, Brother 990A4 Printhead when they encounter resistance, will lose the absolute zero point of any layer.In view of the above reasons, there are several specific solutions:

1. In the case of diagonal error, the solution is not too difficult. Adjusting the XY axis vertical, in the horizontal plane can be resolved to print a square, a circle for testing. However, if there is too much misunderstanding or a consultation and manufacturers swap the goods better.u=1519605315,187841929&fm=21&gp=0

2. the bolt, you can move around the printhead by hand, if any of your shaft is loose, you will appear opposite clearance, to demolish the corresponding axis of the motor fastening bolts.

3. If of high mechanical resistance occurs, we need to identify specific sources of resistance. In case of a power failure to manually move the printhead moving around, feel there is significant resistance in their process with a marking u=4204464846,3616340402&fm=21&gp=0pen to mark places and check for worn or distorted, some will need to contact the manufacturers to replace or repair.

4. If the current reason is, you need to understand some of the power of knowledge to solve. You can adjust the stepper motor’s static reference voltage to the output current; setting configuration file; or just change up the stepper motor driver Board.