11:45 pm
17 January 2021

How to connect the computer and printer?

How to connect the computer and printer?

Windows 7 operating system and large user groups of Windows XP operating system in operation before the same but there are some differences. For Win7 how to add printer, many users still don’t know. Here we do a simple tutorial that teach you how to add printer on Win7 OS.
For the new printer, have a driver CD, so we will not go into how to install a new printer. We install models described here older printer or a network printer option. On the start menu, locate your ABS 3D Printers options, on top of the frame bars, you can find the Add Printer button.
How the computer and printer connections
Many friends who have not used the printer before using for the first time will not be installed, and today I’ll introduce how to add the printer installed on the computer.thCAQBKES4

Computer, printer, USB cable, then attached driver CD

1,first determine if the printer is functioning as intended

2, USB data cables connecting computers and printers

3, open my computer, go to control panel

4, go to hardware and sound options

5, click on devices and printers option of the add printerthCAEENC3M

6, click Add a local printer (one second without him, he is loaded on the wireless printer generally does not), select the port that your printer type, General specification on the

7, selected in the options list the make and model of the printer, if you have the CD, then the random attached CD direct drive system to install a printer, and if not, then the brand’s official website to download this model of printer driver on the line, follow the instructions in it step by step on the line.