05:34 am
18 January 2022

How do 3D printing prospect of industry development?

How do 3D printing prospect  of industry development?

At present, the 3D technology in the absence of economies of scale with low or medium capacity market (such as space) to better fulfil its role.
Judging from the country, United States in the use of 3D printing technology far exceeds that of other countries. Japan, and Germany respectively, China and dier、San、siwei.
3D printing technology not yet continue to spread  printing, materials availability, accuracy and control, there are many challenges. In addition, there have been controversial in terms of legal liability. Of course, given the potential benefits of 3D printing technology in the future, power is enough to overcome these difficulties. And current events are much more quick than pessimists imagined. For example, applications of nano-technology means that 3D thCA7Q6KKNprinting plastic products will become a traditional rival in manufacturing metal products.
In addition, using Seiko Spt510 Printhead printing human organs, the kidney and the House Burger (or other foods)-even in the distant future to print aircraft–is now a very active field, and some (such as houses and hamburgers) has been developed.
3D printing technology help save energy and reduce energy intensity. This technique can simplify the production process, recycling by-products and manufacturing light industrial products, reducing transport demand, and therefore very conducive to the protection of the ecological environment.
Additive manufacturing technology can effectively reduce waste. According to the United States Department of energy estimates, 3D printing technology results in savings in raw material and manufacturing costs, up to a maximum of 90%.
thCAEYRTDP 3D printing technology eliminates the limitations of traditional product designs,  able to stimulate people’s creative potential. For example, 3D printing technology for the production of the traditional manufacturing industries can do products become possible customized goods industry was also able to open.
3D printing technology makes the production process more flexible. This technology helps manufacturers quickly reacts to market; parts enables on-demand instant production without having a large backlog and inventory or to cope with the complexity of the supply chain problems.
The development of new technologies, especially in information and communication, manufacturing (including additive manufacturing) ,as well as technological advances in the field of energy to stimulate global economic grow fast than the next few years. The biggest winners will be the ones in the process of active users who using these new technologies, rather than producing!