04:36 pm
14 June 2021

Hot Sale 3D Printer:Really ? Aircraft model by the 3D Printer.

Hot Sale 3D Printer:Really ? Aircraft model by the 3D Printer.

P-51, nicknamed the “wild horse”, was the one of the most famous fighter aircraft during World War II, United States single-engine fighter aircraft used by the land and sea forces for the longest part, for Europe and the Pacific Theater strategic bombing escort’s most important models, and has been used by the end of the Korean war. This aircraft military enthusiasts all over the world have a very high position. Recently, the 3D printing 3D LabPrint released tQQ截图20151027084936he classic fighter’s 3D printed model, make sure that you use the desktop 3D printers can reproduce it.

3D LabPrint 3D printed model of this announcement is highly imitative P15-D fighter features all shapes, and you only need $ 10 cost of wires and all parts can be 3D printed, and then takes a pair of scissors, a bottle of glue can be assembled.
Of course, if you wish it is not only a beautiful models can be placed on the desktop, or you can add radio control module. In this context, 3D labprint tutorial provides a detailed, even video tutorials to guide you in how to increase radio module P51-D of action.

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Until then, 3D Labprint has provided a download version for military buffs United Kingdom Spitfire MK XVI aircraft models. And the company also have developed more of the world’s classic fighter model, soon is expected to be available.

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