02:23 am
21 June 2021

High Speed Rail station with 3D print of ” Eye of heaven ” is the first application in the field of architecture in Xinjiang

High Speed Rail station with 3D print of ” Eye of heaven ” is the first application in the field of architecture in Xinjiang

The main character in the movie “12 animals “wearing special gloves at the Old Summer Palace bronze animal moves, after getting data into the computer, the exact same copper animal ” comes Out “, that’s 3d printing technology.3d printing technology has now been applied to the Gao Tie on the construction of the railway station North Square,  the technology used in building industry first time in Xinjiang.916

On December 23th, reporters saw in an interview, sinking a 4 – square Gao tie station North District model – specific ” Eye of Heaven ” has a prototype of the 4 ” Eye in the sky ” is built with 3d print materials.      Comprehensive development of high-speed rail hub construction company Project Manager Xiong Binhui said, on the sinking of the new railway station North Square unique ” Eye of heaven” design is a bright spot, ” Eye of heaven ” building materials manufactured by 3d printing technology.To ” Eye of heaven ” shape once all installations are complete, will be showing a realistic eye shape, and also with the building and sunken Plaza formed as a whole, expression of smooth curves, will be a beautiful landscape of the Gao Tie railway station North Square .Nowadays,with the development of 3D technology ,it applies to a variety of areas.For example,people use Flower Art Printer to print beautiful flower to decorate.913

It is reported that due to ” Eye of heaven ” the shape of the building as a complex three – dimensional modelling of the ARC, the traditional construction process can’t complete, high-speed Printing Technology for Development Company introduced a new 3d buildings, creating SRC plate ( Steel Encased reinforced concrete structure ) spell roof curved shape, the new process has a smooth appearance, beauty of the line and strength characteristics .Square construction side of the Song Feng said, each ” Eye of Heaven ” has 1200 anchor points, the most difficult is the point of positioning accuracy. After repeated research, eventually using total station positioning and integrated measurement positioning aided drawing.The first position of a point to seventy or eighty can be precise, each point deviation cannot be greater than 3 millimeters, it took more than 20 days to hold 4 ” visualize ” position complete.912

SRC installed using bolt connections, this makes it easier to repair and replacement in the future. ” Song Feng said.,”According to reports, 4  3d print setup “Eye of heaven  ” styling is expected to invest $24.56 million, has invested more than $12 million, 50 percent of work  is completed.It is expected that on June 30th, 2016 will be fully installed.