08:15 pm
08 December 2021

High school student goat Lily 3D printing with disabilities wheelchair

High school student goat Lily 3D printing with disabilities wheelchair

Lily from Virginia United States, it was born with deformities–not the Forelegs and hind legs on the right, which means that if it does not help, then it cannot be moved, accordingly no chance to build muscle or do anything. But the only lucky that it was adopted by charity Angels of Assisi. Over the last few months, the volunteers every day to help it activities, and exercise the muscles-but this is clearly not a long-term solution.

So far, we have seen a lot of caring people rescue small animals using 3D printing technology news, including chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, turtles, etc. Now enjoy 3D prints of animal welfare and the addition of a new Member in the list, the goat is two years old Lily.10062U955-0

To that end, they began to seek help from outside, just contact via Facebook, a high school science teacher Caitlin Hartman, she came from William Byrd high school in Roanoke County. Hartman teacher thinks this is a good teaching opportunity. “I saw they had two legs of goats, and are looking for ways to make wheelchair or prosthesis or something,” Hartman said, “I think my class was able to complete the task. ”

Lucky is that the school’s science lab has quite a lot of manufacturing equipment, the students decided to create a special wheelchair for Lily. “You have to let the machine with its legs on both sides match. “High school seniors Christian Robertson says,” you have to make a used for vehicle suspension. “He also said that the matter is urgent because Lily is now only carry it every day in order to stretch the muscles. “Today, it loose leg muscles without any effort. Therefore, use a wheelchair to move the other leg. Each time you move it like doing physical therapy. “Christian said.10062S020-2

Use of school equipment, Christian and his classmates first to use 3D scanners for Lily and its deformed legs create a CAD model of 1:1 ratio, and then based on this model for the goats to create a customized wheelchair. Hartman teacher added that they are very happy to be able to use 3D printing technology to help the poor animal. 3D printing also could do more things, help the refugee produce the house, put the Cheap 3D Pens in education. Thanks to this amazing project, Lily not only got the chance to to normal life without daily assistance, but from William Byrd high school students in charity and the next generation of manufacturing a very important lesson.