04:35 pm
14 June 2021

High efficiency low cost professional color printing

For a company or individual users, document or photo print, the cost control is

critical, “province” the word is indispensable.


R800 printhead

Use special micro piezo print technology, without heating, put an end to carbon

powder dust produced, clean output, to create a healthy green office environment;

Intelligent drops transformation technology can be adjusted precisely control the ink

drop size and position of lis in the most appropriate amount of ink to imaging, create

extremely delicate and exquisite printing quality. The machine USES large capacity

of the ink bottle, a bottle of 70 ml, reduce replacement ink, save time and effort. 4 color

fission, finished with color in color, province and no waste. In addition, the product

can carry, including 3 d paper mould, mass education resources, learn to play with,

educational innovation.


And users can use their mobile phone in the photo directly DIY editing following,

desk calendar, greeting CARDS and other personal things, mobile print 10 big functions

as you play happily!

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