06:21 am
22 October 2021

HA hospital four homes completed the first 3d printing assisted surgery

HA hospital four homes completed the first 3d printing assisted surgery

Recently, the HA four hospital urology section in the successful completion of the province’s first 3d printing technology – assisted precision surgical treatment of renal cell carcinoma, the success of the operation marked the total renal cell carcinoma basic era has ended.902

In the 53 – year-old Gao examination found the right kidney tumor, because the smaller tumors and location deep, many hospitals for treatment of kidney to treat.Patients come to Kazakhstan four hospital urology professor Xu wanhai, director of medical treatment, Xu wanhai’s safe to say that ” partial excision of the kidney can do “.Nowadays,3d printing is used widely,but many people don’t know how to use 3d printer,a kind of 3d printer ,named FLASHFORGE 3D Printer can provides user experiences like no other 3D printer on the market.


To learn more from ordinary bilateral renal CT information more intuitive, Xu wanhai with state-of-the – art 3d printing technology, by bilateral renal CT in the information entered into the computer, using 3d printing technology accurate copy of the kidney in patients with renal structure and print model.With preoperative full understanding of the lesions, Xu wanhai to work in patients with laparoscopic partial excision of the kidney. Intraoperative use of the 3d model guide, successfully find the renal artery and lesions, reaching a small amount of bleeding during operation, the purpose of shortening the time of surgery, to avoid surgery, deputy injury.