12:02 pm
22 June 2021

Guide to inkjet printer ink cartridge maintenance for a long time

Guide to inkjet printer ink cartridge maintenance for a long time

Now many families have printers, because ink-jet printers are cheap, effective, so the average family used printer cartridges are most common. But because of the family’s monthly print volume not many, many printers become a decoration, so the problem comes, how inkjet printers usually have to be maintained?166

When it comes to the maintenance of ink-jet printers problem, we should first talk about the cartridges. Inkjet printer ink cartridge the most basic supplies, inkjet printers are color, so conventional cartridge types are divided into black and white and color two-color cartridge, high-end printer uses more than 4 colors, but your average home printer or a color, their maintenance is basically the same.165

Regardless of is double color or  is four color of cartridge as long as unseal can store cool place, it has 2 years of shelf life; and has sealed  cartridge remember don’t take out from printer , because Epson Pro 4880 ink cartridge in printer can get protection, long time without using , to a week at least boot one or two times, if no print of content can print a  test page, Cleaning the printer command is executed once every half month.164

Maintenance the print head time is normally print at least one or two times a week, to keep the nozzle moist and  to prevent ink dried up ink in the print head block. So the cartridge nozzles, not for a long time exposed to the air and outdoor environments, as this will speed up the cartridges are volatile, directly affect the cartridge storage time, and usually have to pay attention to dust intrusion, so as not to affect parts of the operation.