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25 September 2021

Grade 8 student print a 3D Spider man hand for 5 year old boy

For schools around the world, is the biggest obstacle faced by 3D printers into the classroom many professors and school administrators were not aware of this technology can be used to do something or how to use it. It‘s like 80 personal computer into the mainstream of the last century before application of case, can anticipate similar 3D printing has followed a similar path. Accordingly, there will always be a leading teacher of consciousness occurs, first to introduce 3D printing technology to students.
Peter Graven was such a teacher, he is currently in United States, Wisconsin, taught eight grades (equivalent to secondyear junior high school) students ‘ science class. About a year ago, Graven on the DonorsChoose Web site to raise successfully purchased a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer. Since then, he has been wondering how this 3D printer on the own classroom use.
I tried to imagine how a 3D printer in my science class. Graven said, to know that some models need to print 4-6 hours, and I have 160 students, how to get a good result is I’m very Kinky things.
But then, Graven from a 3D printing fake charity get inspired e-NABLE, decided to organize a group of core students make a 3D print hand hand items (Hand Project). In the first day of school this year, Graven introduced his students to 3D printing, and e-NABLE, and asks if someone is willing to participate in the item, if someone is willing to post in the classroom, you can sign your name on the form, immediately get students enthusiastic response.


Through DonorsChoose website and a 3D printing company help Graven and his students also receive two sets of 3D printers, and began preparing for the implementation of this project. Modeling can help students was Graven found Jonathan Assistant. Through the introduction of e-NABLE, Graven and students found a bailoutsand 5-year old boy Dante Mercado, he left incomplete. Student‘s job is to help his 3D printing a fake hand.
When we met Dante left throughout the school year just a few months. Graven tells us. You might think that the time sufficient design, 3D printing and assembling a manipulator, but students can only use their lunch break to carry out this project. Therefore is very tight, I was involved in.


After Dante mother‘s corner, Graven found the boy to be Spider-man‘s super fans, so the project team decided to focus on popular superhero features to create the fake hand. First, the students agreed on a color scheme that ultimately determines the red, blue and black as its colors. Then ensure that the hand function on the basis of full, tried adding some design elements, such as on the hand with a lively little spider.
Eventually the children finally completed before the end of the school year the fake hand printed and assembled, and Dante for this gift from big brother big sister sisters are also very excited and happy. You can see in the picture in the article that only hand made 3D printing effect.

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