11:51 am
04 August 2021

“Good-looking” new RMB’s issue attracts the Chinese public into “new craze”

indexThe fifth series of 100 Yuan Renminbi (RMB) was issued on November 12, 2015. It is the first time for People’s Bank of China (PBOC) to issue new RMB since August, 2005. on the basis of color, pattern and size specifications unchanged, new hundred notes have improved significantly in security.

During early winter, it turns into cold weather in most parts of China, but it cannot stop “new banknotes craze”. As is reported that before many Beijing banks in the morning of 13th , despite the second day of the issue, but still people was coming all the time at the cold wind, and many of them took photos of the new banknotes and upload to social media as soon as getting them.

There are also many successful “early adopters.” A 61-year-old retired worker Liu Baosheng deliberately got up earlyimages on 12th, and biked to three banks, eventully took 50 new bills in one breath. He told reporters happily, “Now the printing technology is developing rapidly. There are more and more famous printing brands, such as Epson printheads. RMB is more and more beautiful. I would like to keep as a souvenir, and wait until the new year to give children away. ”

Amid the burning of “new craze”, Liu Zhiguo, Deputy Director of Monetary Gold and Silver Division, Business Management Department, PBOC, reminded that, currently the 2005 version will continue to flow, so people don’t need to rush to the Bank to withdraw or exchange new version of the RMB. He said that, “in the period ahead, the 2015 version as normal currency, will put in circulation with the 2005 version.”