01:15 pm
22 June 2021

Fuel3D the latest products to capture 3D scanning long-term problems

Fuel3D the latest products to capture 3D scanning long-term problems

British 3d scanning solutions developer fuel3d, is a subsidiary of famous scanify 3d scanning equipment manufacturers, which also bring you a lot of impressive products and services.Recently, they’ve introduced two new products in order to improve scanify practical degree 3d scanner.I believe that with the development of 3d printing industry, 3d printing takes up more markets. Recently,Geeetech 3d printer is in the popular market.


The first product is scanify mobile Pack ( Mobile package ), scanify 3d scanner via this device users can connect with their own tablet computers, and to enhance portability, it also comes with a 4200mah lithium – ion battery.Another product called scanify press-and-scan, is a 3d scan ” compound ” — is a plastic material, can provide the object is about to sweep surface with mist effect.1003

Fuel3d CEO Stuart MEAD said : ” By this development, we bring scanify users an unprecedented level of convenience, whether you visit a historical site, was on a visit to a construction exhibition, scanify can help you wish to retain images of 3d.1002

In addition, fuel3d have no choice to provide users with out-of-the – box product, on the contrary, they provided a number of cable and 3d printing Files, Users will be able to  make a move for your tablet pack based on detailed explanation.1001

As for the press-and-scan compounds to address a common problem. You will be aware of using 3d scanner, scan some of the surface is very smooth, reflective object, the effect is often unsatisfactory, such as silver bracelet.To resolve this problem, fuel3d developed the compound, they pressed by scanning on the scanner body, out of the results will surprise you, because they are combined with matte effects, and has no effect on the original object.

Mobile package is available for purchase on fuel3d online store ( currently in the running out of state ), and press-and-scan compounds in the near future will launch.