01:02 am
06 March 2021

For a variety of 3D printer software MatterControl

For a variety of 3D printer software MatterControl
3D printers retailers and 3D printing software provider MatterHackers the open source 3D printer control software: MatterControl, suitable for variety of 3D printers on the market.
MatterHackers is a online 3D printer retail store, also in the United States opened a store in California, in 2013 and have achieved good results in the fourth quarter, with 3D printing market and the growing competition.
MatterControl launched its 3D printing software supports Mac and Windows systems, not only open source, and easy to use, user groups have been increasing.
MatterControl built-in notification features, such as printing is complete, can send text messages and e-mails to head, this feature is ideal for 3D printing shop. Project management functions and can add more 3D printing projects, and queued to print. Built-in design library can be used to manage all of your 3D model files.

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