05:52 pm
14 June 2021

First 3D print-loop the microphone began to raise

First 3D print-loop the microphone began to raise

Recently, a 3D print microphone, Loopa set off a raised platform— Kickstarter, which is the world’s first 3D print-loop microphone, add color for music, is the ideal tool for professional musical performers.242

Developer James Clark explained: “the use of traditional music cycle often requires a variety of technology and equipment combined with, this cycle with all microphone technology is central to it, singer requires finger control a few keys on the microphone to output high-quality audio. ”239

James Clark has more than 20 years of experience in the audio industry, he continued: “I have only recently come into contact with 3D Printing,Epson Pro 3880 Inkjet Printer, my design more bold free and product prototype development time is greatly reduced. “Loopa’s greatest features is its built-in music loops, record and cycling up to 12 minutes of recording, and music rose to a new height.240

3D printing played a crucial role throughout the design process. Through the ergonomic principles, 3D printing can customize the shape of the microphone and the best location of the button. In addition, the meshing of the microphone head of 3D printing.