07:56 am
02 December 2020

” Fast Fashion ” come, 3D print or change the fashion world

” Fast Fashion ” come, 3D print or change the fashion world

The garment industry has always been the replacement of the fastest – growing sectors, because a lot of people buy clothes for ” Want ” and not for ” need “. So the clothing industry is ” Fast Fashion ” synonymous with, due to its request at the fastest speed to copy the design of the show and its trends to the mass market.606

” Fast Fashion ” require popular clothes market faster replication of fashion design, which means that the traditional clothing technology cannot meet their requirements.3d rapid production of print and affordability makes it a ” Fast Fashion ” the right choice, and the technology is already in the hands of a lot of designers have played a huge role, 3d tigers have also reported a number of fashion designers on application of 3d printing technology.In addition,3D printing technolory also apply to print flower, Flower Art Printer is sell well.605

Nevertheless, we hear the most is the use of the 3d printer, people can design and print clothes at home, but no one will take into account the clothing retail store using the 3d printer scene to make clothes.Just think, if you see clothes at a show or  on a magazine , can be printed immediately to a 3d line of tailored clothing store, copy it out at the fastest rate, you’re became the first to have the new design fashion tide?608

Not only that, the 3d Printing gives consumers the full rights, they directly involved in fashion design process as a whole . And, as a result, some low cost small boutiques are also likely to be supporters of Fast Fashion.

” Fast Fashion ” implementation will change the entire design and manufacturing of fashion, trends .  With 3d printing, customers can be combined with the latest trends and their design concepts, or you can see in her own clothes and add your own favorite logo, or through the purchase of 3d digital files print myself.607

As technology progressed, such as Zara and Forever 21,H&M ” Fast Fashion ” brand will keep up the pace, with the 3d printer and use the technology, or they can be very likely to keep up with increasing trend.