01:14 pm
01 August 2021

Fantastic Mimaki, you make the world full of energy.

Fantastic Mimaki, you make the world full of energy.

With the development of science and technology, 3D printing is showing dominance in major areas of importance. Has a lot of advantages, of course, in all walks of life have played a secondary role. Our vision into reality, and increase my joy in our lives and makes us more   confident in the fields of education and medicine. In the area of food, we imagine what can be printed. Is more exaggerated, MIMAKI TS34 Printhead in Qingdao fair, bio-printer gave us quite a lot. This is a colorful world. This is described in the printer. With it we can print what we need, a delicious glass of ice water, a beautiful dress, a blooming rose of love, a beloved pair of glass slippers.thCAO4HRUK

Ultra high quality x high speed printing of unique inkjet technology. Balance between high quality and high speed, the newly developed high-speed sprinklers
Every 1 has 8 columns each 180 nozzles on the head of the new high speed nozzle to prevent minor deviations between the nozzles

Being able to always maintain a high precision inkjet, so stable performance inherent in 1,440dpi really fine. In addition, due to the increased frequency of nozzle Jet, print speed than ever about 30%. Balance between high quality and high speed. Also, arranged through the symmetrical ink 4 color mode, improves the quality of bidirectional printing.
Working principle

Rely on the ingenuity of ink-jet technology, ultra high quality prints to create ultra-high-quality, piezoelectric inkjet ink jet for fine control, with the highest resolution 1440dpi to the most meticulous details

Media is automatically heated to the proper temperature, improved ink stability. Even non-coated media can print high quality. Back heaters to accelerate ink drying speeds, high speed printing can also be done when coil!