03:43 am
21 June 2021

Famous host Jay Leno using 3D printing to repair their own custom car

Famous host Jay Leno using 3D printing to repair their own custom car

As we all know, the famous American talk show host Jay Leno is an avid car fan and master, his personal collection of more than 286 cars and motorcycles.Now,Jay Leno seemed to have the identity of a third possibility – the celebrity spokesperson for 3D printing.89

3D printing in our daily life is not only helpful but also very interesting.Take cheap 3D pens for example, when I’m not on work,I usually spend time with my friends to create some original things with it.That’s a wonderful experience. Maybe Leno also think so.84

Just last week, Leno in the CNBC prime-time series Jay Leno ‘s Garage is introduced in the Local Motors, the company produced the first 3D printing car Strati.On the show, Leno, emphatically introduces some 3 D printing technology, testing the limits of 3D printing plastic material, even with 3D printing Strati car turned a circle in front of the cameras.88

Today, 3D printing giant 3D-Systems and, according to them the famous car lovers use 3D design and printing technology to repair his EcoJet car key components.It is known that Leno’s own made by hand is EcoJet car: carbon fiber, 650 horsepower, the world only for one.90

“It’s amazing, we just made 3D scanning, you get the final use parts of a perfect match.”Leno said.”Because of the 3D printing, changes in automobile industry in the past ten years than it is in the changes that have taken place in the last century.”87

For car lovers like me “this is a rare gift, we can make any car parts, no matter how strange it is, how unusual, can be completed in one day. We can ever faster, cheaper and more efficient.”He continued.”I think it is the future of being made in America.” In addition ,according to the 3D-Systems company, this is not  Leno’s first use of 3D printing: for a long period of time, he has been using 3D printers, raw materials and software for him some of the oldest and most rare antique car to repair those parts of nowhere to be found on the market.