06:23 pm
21 January 2021

Explore printing machinery nozzle blocking reasons

Explore printing machinery nozzle blocking reasons


Why machine nozzles clogged? When no ink out from  machine nozzle when spray painting, resulting in screen content lack of color , often referred to as “nozzle clogging” is the main factor affecting picture quality and yield. Of course,the “jam”reasons are various, generally have the following situations:178

1 .when ink accumulated to a certain degree at nozzle, clogging on the outside: the most common way of blocking, because the Ink solvent must evaporate into the air in order to make the screen dry, so the ink is a volatile liquid, volatile in the air and clear out the solids .Holes in the fabric spray paintings, always remains around part of the ink, this part of the ink dried in the air and slowly will make the hole smaller and even blocked orifice, but is outside the orifice, it is easy to clean, this is the reason why we are regular cleaning of the nozzle.

2. piezoelectric crystals damage: the sprayer out of the ink, general piezoelectric Ricoh Gen5 Printhead can be used for a year or so, factories in printing workload may also use less than a year is normal.180

3.  piezoelectric crystals fatigue damage: phenomenon is the head sometimes not sprayed out ink, sometimes sprayed out ink, especially when large amount of ink-jet (sprayed dark screen) “jam”  obvious at this time is the best way to replace a new nozzle.

4. drive circuit failure: driving circuit ‘s electronic components aging and savings too much dried ink stains,  can affect the drive nozzle voltage, cause nozzle have no ink or ink instability.179

5. frequent replacement of ink: replace ink in many cases may not protect the nozzles and also affects the nozzle Jet.