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18 January 2022

Experience Roland printing machine ultimate charm

Experience Roland printing machine ultimate charm

66666666666666666Roland invites customers in October 2015, 13-15th visit companies in United Kingdom Birmingham NEC print exhibition booths, with the world’s most advanced virtual reality experience ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION of excellence the power of the printing press.

ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION of printing excellence console is equipped with advanced technology, production managers closely control the printing press of a variety of variable, and can monitor performance in real time.

At Roland booth’s audience through the Oculus company’s Rift virtual reality technology, distance to experience this at Roland Germany printing technology centre, ROLAND EVOLUTION for being awarded the red dot design award for excellence of printing operations.
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“ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION experienced through the Oculus company’s amazing technology excellence printing operation is a rare opportunity. Audiences at our booth will not only experience the Oculus company new creative technology, fun and full of surprises, but also can have a real understanding of the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION of excellence why printing is so outstanding. “Manluolanping limited printing system United Kingdom Martin Hawley, General Manager of the company said.1211212121

He said: “customers will see in this printing machine printing job in real time, after the end of the experience, you can get the print job printed, virtual presentations and subtly connects the real world. I’m looking forward to the exhibition, as it will provide us a good platform, we in the United Kingdom provide the superior service, upgrading programmes and pass various cutting-edge technologies to our customers. In addition, printing more United Kingdom-focused manufacturers, suppliers, and industry associations provide a gathered Church, gathering exchange opportunity. United Kingdom printing market requires a stable annual exhibition, so I strongly recommend that you be sure to find time to participate in the exhibition. ”

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