05:22 pm
14 June 2021

Epson micro-Jet digital printing woven paint autumn 2015 new charms

2015 exhibition of Taipei in style (TaipeiINStyle) 12th fall fashion week debut, the world‘s leading brand digital printing Epson to work together the day before Taiwan‘s top fashion designer ISABELLEWEN Isabelle Wen, released ReturntoForever island heart of fashion show, exhibited a total of nearly 70 G-H-Haute Couture, with the maturing of Epson precision micro-Jet digital printing technology, painted woven 2015 fall/winter fashion new charm.
The Isabelle Wen designer crossborder cooperation with Epson ReturntoForever island series, the Taiwan native island used natural elements into the design of digital print Exchange, Victoria for the first time with a boho style combine to create new hybrid aesthetics.


Isabelle Wen rightly says, the inspiration comes from Taiwan many beautiful corners, with the Epson digital printing technology, Taiwan fishing port on the North Coast, ocean blue eyes, as well as the Yehliu fantasy Rock presented earthy colors such as blue, grey and Brown, reproduced in a variety of different fabrics, completed Taiwan specific vocabulary heart island series!Isabelle Wen rightly points out that this digital printing, as opposed to nearly a year in advance it is necessary to determine the foreign printed material, digital printing to their totems and cloth master degrees higher, more in line with Designer liberal emotions play. Most people know EPSON is the best colour printing technology, and digital printing technologies, appreciated for their nozzle is big, some classic nozzles Epson R2880 Printhead also long durability.This time micro-Jet digital print is impressed the audience.
Digital printing technology and works in a variety of different thickness of silk, cotton and wool materials, creating a sense of potential future mysterious romantic style, so that we see a different ISABELLEWEN. Taiwan Epson Deputy General Manager and General Manager of industry science and technology said Chen Weijun, Epson exclusive PrecisionCore finishing point of micro-spraying technology applied in digital printing is a recent fashion trends, bright and rich color sensitivity, can stimulate the designer‘s creative inspirationLooking to the future, Epson will be leading the global digital printing technology, led Taiwan designers rushing bankruptcy with textile Tycoon environmental barriers and into the international fashion runway.