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01 August 2021

Epson F7170 Inkjet Printer : New large format print technology !

Epson F7170 Inkjet Printer : New large format print technology !

On October 15, 2015, China World Trade Center, and Epson (China) limited jointly organised the “The River Dance” plays of the series of images show the river dance Guo JI aerial photography exhibition opens beautifully in city fashion icon world shopping mall . China international fashion culture to build famous brands of China World Trade Center launched jointly with the international famous brands Epson print output of this high-quality theme photography exhibition, not only lets us enjoy a gorgeous Visual Waltz, also gives us a better chance to appreciate today’s “art micro Jet Epson TM” the evolution of digital imaging output technology achievements.09-26-57-46-7

The”The River Dance”Guo JI an aerial image of the core of the exhibition highlights that uses Epson’s new large format printer EsponSureColor P9080 production output. New printer using a new color system, innovative violet, higher Density, more details, further enhance the output of the digital imaging industry standards.

Have received all kinds of video game awards talented photographic artist Guo Ji, doing more than 10 years, focused on landscape photography. In recent years, his camera works with aerial perspective, the Visual presentation of abstract Impressionism, showing the form of a thematic creatures of nature and the harmonious beauty of the scenery. His work combines strong orientalist sentiments and ideographic ink Freehand techniques, magnificent, delicate and soft, and aerial photography to create a new experience with great artistic appeal.09-27-24-82-7

Using next-generation 11 “color HDXTM” pigment ink output, let us see the Epson brand new printing technology and ink system brings a wider color gamut coverage (coverage of Pantone ? color matching system 99%). Also, ink high density and excellent shadow detail performance capabilities, provides a texture and Visual impact of atmospheric heavily, really see nature through the aerial camera work of different styles, and Guo Ji’s works in the form of large-format to another more attractive.



Epson F7170 Inkjet Printer

In addition, the “White clouds fly across the vast territory of the motherland series theme photography exhibition” another chapter–the Luke Skywalker of the sea of mobile phone narrative photography exhibition will be held on November 7, 2015 World shopping mall 3 Rainbow Gallery. This is a distinctive, no DSLR announcements, use ordinary and unusual perspectives about life normally and the spiritual journey. Conghai mobile phone photography narrative all works use the iPhone mobile phone, beautiful moments captured, a unique composition, strong jump of tone, combined with Epson high quality output, side of the images used in your cell phone scene turned into artistic creation successfully… …

The series theme photography exhibition, organised not only interpretation of “technology and art” the perfect combination of ideas that deliver Epson “technology for the arts”, in promoting image development and high fashion culture needs to provide good references. This new EsponSureColor P9080 large format printer output image works debut, will give photographers a new visual experience.

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