03:58 pm
14 June 2021

EPSON.DX5 EPSON five generation nozzle classification

EPSON.DX5 EPSON five generation nozzle classification

be7ca5b649b39cddd9c01d4de05fa096.image.386x386All of the piezoelectric motor is derived from the EPSON F158000 nozzle of a technology extension, EPSON piezoelectric head is the use of the most brands, including MUTON, MIMAKI and other use of the head are EPSON five generation head.

Mainly about my understanding of the EPSON five generation of the head of several common models:

F160010 gray surface EPSON4800、7450、7800、9800、MUTOH900C、1604

F158000 golden surface  EPSON1800

F158010 gray surface EPSON2400

F187000 golden surface EPSON4880、7880、9880



F186000 golden surface EPSON1900 (Plastic parts are corrosion resistant)

F186010 gray surface EPSON2880

F187000 golden surface EPSON4880/7880

F138030 gray surface EPSON7600、9600

With the printer model is the so-called original, the original model of the original use of the original model will be relatively long, but not absolute, F158010 can be used in the F160010 model,

F187000 can be used in the F160010 model

F186000 because of the plastic part of corrosion resistance, also known as eco solvent, in the JV33, domestic machine, EPSON and other use of oily ink.

F160010 model is the best quality, pay attention to the code on the nozzle, F160010 and gold surface are basically five lines below, the rest is two and a half.

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