06:06 am
18 January 2022

Environmentally-friendly 3D printing materials

Environmentally-friendly 3D printing materials

Have to say that green is the trend in the current society, if nothing else, only in our circle-d print environmentally friendly materials have occupied a very important position, such as common bioplastic PLA, 3D has been 3D printing enthusiasts use most printed materials. In recent days, despite the 3D printing building technology has not really mature, already have companies in the-desktop-3d-printer-green-abs-filament-3d-printing-materials-2106 development of environmental concrete can be used for 3D printing materials.

This company is from Netherlands biotechnology company NNRGY Crops, Mang, China is developing is based on 3D printing of concrete materials, the so-called China’s Mount, is actually a grass-like plant, it is also a very famous energy plants. Over the next two years, NNRGY Crops will use it in the Netherlands of Zwolle to build various structures and objects.

The interesting company is established in bio-entrepreneurs Jan-Govert van Gilst, in 2009 he was to travel to the island of Borneo (Borneo) when the idea. His idea was just hoping Netherlands train energy-energy implanted mount in China, parts of this plant are used for biological and part of the plan for the production of CO2.

Now, with the Eindhoven University of technology (TU Eindhoven), Cybe and Concrete Valley,NNRGY mount, China will set up a laboratory to develop as raw materials of light weight, eco-friendly objects and structures. This plant will work with bio-cement mixed together for various 3D applications. Their ultimate goal is to make 1T01V027-0this material like ordinary building materials were used in the construction of houses. According to the development team, which is developing sustainable mortar is not only good for the environment, but also profitable. Essentially, it not only has a very small carbon footprint but also easy to use. And the grass itself to increase the valuable fiber and cellulose. The mortar can be used for fire prevention, insulation, energy saving, and it is not more expensive than existing alternatives. In particular, it can also be used for 3D printing technology, which reduces waste and makes it possible to produced on a small scale, through the 3D printing, even those who traditionally could not be achieved or excessively expensive construction.1T01T4O-2

NNRGY Crops now have used this plant for bio-paper and the manufacture of Bio-plastics. The company also was Rotterdam, Lansingerland and Zutphen to cultivate the crops, these crops are used to make 3D printing materials. “This is my heart of sustainable development–the material is grown locally and processed by local entrepreneurs, products developed locally, in local 3D printing to become concrete and houses. “Van Gilst said. The project itself is expected to last two years.