02:59 pm
02 March 2021

Emergence of textile pigment ink

Digital printing basicoriginal-epson-b7080-f6080-f7080-b6080-f7180-printhead-fa12000-1203ally divided into four modes: coatings, disperse, reactive, acid, disperse and activity has generally and widely used in China, which disperse dyes (thermal transfer) domestic market capacity at least 6000 tonnes per year or more. Paint printing way currently in domestic gradually rise, with its color, and fastness constantly upgrade, and without washing, and no sewage emissions of no water printing way, and, and process process short, and material adaptability wide, advantage more obviously, increasingly more of equipment manufacturers and programme provides business began will gravity steering paint, various horse cloth print, and CD tablets print programme, and and traditional Taiwan version printing brush phase combined of oval machine added digital print programme, in various printing exhibition Shang gradually occupy half.

At present, the “Jet ®” three generations of textile pigment ink for EPSON and the head, six, seven heads, can be implemented on JV300 seven generation machine smooth printing. Like EPSON F6080 Printhead is so widely used, and better quality printhead has increased the need for protective and better ink and to extend the life of sprinkler use. In addition, digital also offers Fuji Hongsheng star 1024 nozzle, Seiko, Kyocera, Ricoh nozzle nozzle nozzle pigment ink.

Paint digital printing is mainly concentrated in industries such as t-shirts and clothing pieces, digital printing cloth coatings there is little basic at the beginning stage, but from the development of the market, digital printing coating due to its simple process, no sewage, aQQ截图20151109090524pplies to all material characteristics such as coating in the future development of digital printing will soon, the market will be huge.

Some large companies have begun to enter the market at home and abroad at present, Hongsheng digital is one of the earliest development of pigment ink and has a coating of ink patent, we hope Hongsheng digital based on patented technology, dye based on strong technical team, ahead of the industry, doing paint leader in digital printing.

Hongsheng Digital’s patent product–“Jet ®” three generations of textile pigment inks, ink bright color, fastness, good print smooth, and equipped with red, sapphire blue, such as spot-color inks, more delicate color transition. The second generation product set excellent fastness and excellent color for three generations in one, meet the pretreatment of Hongsheng digital r solution, further improve the color fastness.