01:40 am
04 July 2020

Easy office All-in-one type M201 preferred ink storehouse

M201 support for Windows, Mac mainstream version of the operating system,

the standard cable network, and can connect more than one terminal at the

same time, meet the demand of people to print


R1900 printhead

Simply put identification on the worktable scanning the positive and negative

respectively, one-time certificate content of the front side of the output can be

realized on a piece of paper, card card double-sided one-time copy, more powerful.


Printing speed is 15 pages per minute * 1 (ipm), easily print runs up to month demand

of 1000 ~ 1000, the first page output is only 5.38 seconds * 2 (standard mode), overspeed

print, get twice the result with half the effort.


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