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30 July 2021

E-Nable reports: There are more than more than 1000 kids put on a 3D print artificial limbs

E-Nable reports: There are more than more than 1000 kids put on a 3D print artificial limbs
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Photo of little girl named Isabella, she had lost one of his arms. When she and other friends of life when you play often so unhappy. Until the day she receives a color gift …
Toy Story Buzz Lightyear arms around?
Color arm is actually a 3D printing! Look! Brims with joy in her eyes! Is beautiful and exquisite!
Lightweight and flexible that it can do a lot of things …At her side is the volunteerQQ截图20151109170822 designers and builders sidifendaiweisi. He was born without hands. As he emerged from a charitable organizations qualify for a free 3D printing arm, he chose to pass on the same love. Uncle fat does loving o …Story has continued to
Like there are thousands of such volunteers! Them all over the world
Without them, these children may never have the ordinary happiness.

Should give each of them Cheap 3D Pen , let them use their hands to paint what they want to express ideas, this is an opportunity, can make people pay more attention to these children, so you can get more careQQ截图20151109170906

Lost an arm fighting the children receive gifts.
These gifts make them reborn …

These volunteers come from a charitable group called the E-Nable. This is a Google+-based online communities. Initiator is Jon Shull. His 2013 called for worldwide 3D printers to create for a goal together, need prosthetic friends print combinations of parts. He is set up E-Nable on the network map, people can have a 3D printer to register, make friends in need receive recent aid.

This kind of magnanimous AQQ截图20151109170931ct, it won’t take too much time, with PLA printed materials is not high, but it can help a friend rehabilitation of upper limb disability, so why not?
In Jon’s call, players continue to grow, Star, engineers, military personnel, doctors, teachers and other people from all walks are to provide their ideas, and together, they assist other members to jointly create better 3D printing arm.

Jon did not want them just to help manufacture artificial limbs and to focus more on how to influence and get, therefore spend a lot of time teaching guidelines and more people learned to make 3D print artificial limbs, and encourages the Institute continued QQ截图20151109171018to spread the word.
Iron man to join!
In 2014, the E-Nable through news events on numerous stage shows its 3D print artificial limbs, in 2015, they also received Google60 million dollars of investment. Meanwhile, they formed a partnership with many eminent persons and organizations, for example, John Hopkins University Medical Center AlbertChi Dr, OpenHand project, LimitlessSolutions, and so on.

In the past year, from a creative online, developing into groups now has more than 3200 people and providing about 700 3D printing arm. We seem to be growing steadily at about 1-5% per week, and the momentum has continued to improve.

JonSchull said.QQ截图20151109170949
We don’t know if it will eventually grow to what extent expected after one year no answer to this question. But what is certain is, we will achieve greater success after a year.
Geeker says
You would like to help child whose arm becomes iron man yet? Take your 3D printer to join in!