04:00 pm
14 June 2021

Dubai will use the 3D printing technology to create sustainable development of the ” World Capital “

Dubai will use the 3D printing technology to create sustainable development of the ” World Capital “

With the increasingly serious environmental problems such as global warming, a growing number of countries and regions started to pay attention to sustainable development. Dubai has announced that 3D printing technologies will be used to create the world’s most sustainable city clean and green。72

3D printing technology is very cool. Take cheap 3D pens for example, you can create original things that ever only can exist in your brain with it. That’s really wonderful experience.

Although the UAE and Dubai are areas where energy consumption is high, the United Arab Emirates is the world’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide one of the six regions。It is incompatible with sustainable development.However 3D printing technology can make a lot of the impossible possible. Dubai in recent days have been using this technology towards the sustainable development of the ” World Capital of ” development.74

As of now, the city has used 3D printing technology to print four solar energy facilities which can be connected to wifi palm trees.The facilities not only for the convenience of the public open space, and can be charged and the wireless network.In addition, they also declared that to build the first 3D printing office building, futuristic museum and so on.68

And on security measures, Dubai also for its firefighters ordered 20 jet packs of 3D printing. Application of a series of 3D printing technology shows the city’s commitment to creating sustainable cities.In addition, it also will develop a solar park, which will become the world’s largest solar park.69

Of concern is that the solar park will set up an innovation lab. This lab will use 3D printing technology to complete most of the building.Meanwhile, the lab is solar energy and other clean energy research. This will also become the first pilot area of clean energy, and they hope to call on countries around the world develop clean energy. For now, the solar Park and Innovation Centre has received $13.6 billion BN investment.