03:47 pm
30 July 2021

Domestic 4 meters in a single 3d printing statue debut at CCTV

Domestic 4 meters in a single 3d printing statue debut at CCTV

The night of January 24, Chinese sporting event of the Oscars –2015cctv sports man of the Year award ceremony was held at the China National Stadium.Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, Lang Ping, Su bingtian and other hundreds of bit man of the sport gathered to participate in witness the 2015 glorious history of sports in China, to walk in an Era of Change summary of the comb and a full range of sports.571

There is a microscopic rate is very high for the limelight over the many star mascot — in the center of the Golden man of the left of the stage 4 metres high!It represents high up the first wing of sportsmanship.Development of 3D printing technology unimaginable.Recently,a kind of printer is popular with people,named A3 EP2000UV Printer.

It is understood that this gold from O. ME3d the company’s single nozzle segment of the printer to print, post – processing, and seamless installation, use FDM printing technology, PLA printed material.Single 4 – metre high statue, which also created the highest in the country up to 3d prints three – dimensional portraits, than to come to award up to 2.26 metres tall Yao Ming at the scene also three-fourths higher!572

3d printing technology to its unparalleled personalized custom solutions, innovative design concept of free and fast and efficient production cycle is becoming a new favorite of many exclusive custom of the industry widely used, will be mentally build for the future of the times taken to complete subversion of the traditional manufacturing concepts of technological change.