05:59 am
26 March 2019

Do-it – yourself cleaning printhead

Do-it – yourself cleaning  printhead


Inkjet printhead orifice of the most vulnerable for  printing long timeor  laid up too long cause jam. In addition, accidentally using poor quality ink cartridges, can also cause hole plug and affect print quality, serious causes the print car scrappage.When the orifice of the printer jams, the average user, only send the printer repair, and maintenance personnel for badly clogged nozzle, usually for end-of-life treatment, change new one.464

In fact, these seemingly has already abandoned the print head, it is only caused by the blockage does not work. I will be in the hands of a scrapped  printhead due to nozzle clogging the, using a method.The method is simple, just carefully grasp.As we all know ,international brand printer nozzle price is not cheap, so we need to learn a better way to long-term maintenance of it.Taking the Roland DX7 Printhead for example,we need to understand its parameters and installation methods in order to truly play its role.465

The  print of the car manufacturing process is fine, but not complicated. Direct contact with the print media on the plane was full of many small, round hole, the orifice is connected to nozzles that  insert the ink cartridge .From the nozzle to spray hole around often stranded  toner or impurities for dry and very strong adhesion. As long as the removal of the toner, and impurities, the print head can be back in print.