03:08 am
21 June 2021

Dismantling of EPSON printer head series

Dismantling of EPSON printer head series

1. remove the print head: remove the cover on the printer, carefully observe the print head on the right side (facing printer), you will find a clip with one hand grasp the print head cartridge, another hand with a small flat screwdriver gently pry the clip, this time will feel moved a little to the right of the print head cartridge outward.468

The cable connecting the print head, the ink cartridge monitoring chip cable (cable required for this class of tools hemostat clamp) pulled out from the socket at the print head and slowly pull out the connecting cable from the circuit board slot, then you can also white cable beneath the print head on the left to see another clip, the same with a small screwdriver to pry the clip light, then you can manually move the Epson PRO 11880C Print head positions before and after the bins at a time when the print head is already available from orbit on taken down.

However, we also need to pull off the rack from the carriage to the right side of the motor gear: with squares placed between the gear oblique mouth screwdriver and an upper rack, move the rack by rotating the gear rack can be removed from the gear down!469

2. Decomposition print head: remove the print headas long as both hands grasp the print head the back and forth positions, the level in the opposite direction of the force, you can easily dismantle print head.