02:28 am
21 June 2021

Denmark TV No.3 : Using 3D Printing make Christmas titles

Denmark TV No.3 : Using 3D Printing make Christmas titles

Recently, the MTG company’s group of designers-d print form of stop-motion animation, Denmark three television (TV3) produced a 20-second Christmas theme (Christmas ident), with a happy little gnomes in the winter wonderland theme, rendering interpretation of a happy, warm atmosphere.1-1511230ZR4Y9

TV3 began by telling MTG team, they want to make a different kind of Christmas titles this year. The team’s Creative Director and animated graphic designer Maciej Gorski knew at once that 3D printing technology will play a role. As early as a year ago, he persuaded the Manager to buy a Ultimaker 2 3D printer, usually use it in their own work, but this time, he felt the 3D printer can be put to greater use. Ultimately made in the title, in addition to snow and trees, each element in the film is the 3D print out. “We chose to use a 3D printer to create everything just because we used it a year ago, feel like a professional and you want to prove to all sceptical people, it costs only a fraction of the commercial like Shapeways 3D printing service providers, but not very much inferior in quality. “Gorski says.1-1511230ZS3T2

In fact, he jumped at the opportunity, even though he knew it would be a gamble: “this is the first time I made stop-motion animated characters, and have never had such a big project, but since I already have been thoroughly tested out the 3D printer, it is also pretty confident. ” Lucky is that the 3D printing enthusiasts are not alone. MTG’s creative team included Ian Clarke (art direction and concept), Eugenia Barbazza (design, art direction and concept), Robert Horvath (3D modeling, electrical systems, and props) and Konstantine Nikolov (3D modeling and animation), all who are striving to put inside. If you want to create a copy of your Christmas? If you don’t have professional 3D printer, I think Cheap 3D Pens will be a good choice, although there is no such luxury, but your own hand painted.


Each 3D model is designed with Maya, the all, from GNOME’s walk, gesture, until the other background objects are carefully sanded. “I am responsible for 3D printing. So, if I need to make something, then I would want Robert or (Konstantin) made for me, and then analyze it in order to ensure that it can be printed. “Gorski said. When all things were passed, he Colourfabb PLA Ultimaker 2 wire and wire UM PLA 3D print out everything. “In addition to snow and trees everything is 3D printing. Due to time constraints, I had to use the House of print casts, then make a resin version House, chimneys roofs and bridges did. Gnome print is a pallet of around 18 hours. Also due to time considerations, I printed some Gnome with a lower precision back, you never see them anyway. ” 1-1511230Z92M53

From the final result, the entire title despite a brief, but interesting, in particular those 3D printed midget’s action–whether it is skiing, sliding down the chimney, or happy, laugh-all the same smooth, just like they are alive to film, rather than the stop-motion animation.