06:34 am
18 January 2022

Young’s first printer-da Vinci JR1.0 3D printer

Young’s first printer-da Vinci JR1.0 3D printer

Magic factory owned by lenovo was founded on April 1, also announced that it would operate independently of the lenovo currently available products in addition to air purifiers, there is a realization of free setup of the router version newwifi. These products are appetizers of magic workshops. Getting rid of smart home kits and mobile-K9 launched in September of magical workshop. Magic workshop has a new toy comes up in recent days, new products for the da Vinci JR1.0 3D printer.

The full name of this 3D printer is da Vinci JR1.0. Orange and white combination in this 3D printer to join a lot of fashion qualities, more engaging than most 3D printers, and microwave-like design is impressive. But 42*43*38cm limits of sizes for this 3D printer can print only some small items, the largest print 15*15*15cm product. Legendary 3D printing house, just don’t think about it.

In addition to the smaller size, the 3D printer uses a minimalist design, such as to facilitate the replacement of the module of the demolition, printed without heating as well as complex tuning and reduce noise pollution. It is worth mentioning that, amazing workshops Leonardo da Vinci JR1.0 fuse is used in making laws, its supplies for the filiform, raw materials derived from plants such as corn, sugar cane, convenient and harmless solution.

The price of it in Wercan is just $329.00. Would you like to buy one.

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