12:46 pm
01 August 2021

Create guest spend less than $100 changed Cheap 3D Pen to 3D Printer

Create guest spend less than $100 changed Cheap 3D Pen to 3D Printer

Play 3D printing may have noticed: First, 3D printing has a lot of fun to play. Secondly they are fairly cheap. Third, it depends entirely on people’s arms control, there is a lot of fun. Secondly, they are quite affordable. Thirdly, the human arm compared to the 3D printer is much less accurate. So, when 3D printing is controlled by computer what would have happened? A guest named Tinkernut Daniel gives the answer, he modified a Cheap 3D Pen, turn it into a full 3D printer. Finally , you must have a Cheap 3D Pens.

Is actually Daniel to try to teach you how to build a cheap 3D printer1-15111H23455D7 , after all, one of the most affordable 3D printer on the market more than US $ 300, and a 3D print only dozens of dollar. To that end, he posted a tutorial on his site, and teaches you how to use a 3D printing as well as a CD ROM drive manufacturing CNC manufacturing a very cheap, but with 3D printer 3D printing capabilities, is particularly worth mentioning is that this interesting 3D printers cost just US $ 100.

Daniel this impressive array of makeshift machines have several basic elements of the 3D printer: printing bed, hot, extruder, which makes wire through the device parts. Hot end and extruder are actually able to use 3D printing to replace Daniel used here is 3Doodler. Remaining question is how to make a print, to this, Daniel uses a readily available methods. The very creative guest recently had three old CD ROM drive assembly out of a CNC machine, so he casually took over doing the CNC 3D printer main body frame and print.1-15111H234351O

In order to connect their homemade CNC with the 3D printing, Daniel uses the Arduino controller, can be used to open and close the print. General 3D printing has forward and backward extrusion and extrusion of control buttons, and Daniel needs only technical features, and to that end he opened the 3D printing, modifying the control circuit and connect it to your Arduino controller.