04:39 pm
14 June 2021

Comprehensive powerful T5280

T5280 printer output width of A0 +, conforms to the CAD engineering

field 0 drawings, the dimension of a use up in the future, users will no

longer need to choose more sharply the output device for output of 0

wide engineering image.



R2000 printhead


T5280 printer is equipped with a newer version of the professional paper

basket system, you can order the stacked 20 Zhang Gongcheng drawing

paper, more paper basket, can be made after printing processing more

convenient and quick, and truly improve the whole efficiency of the printing process.

The large volume of  T5280 continue adhering to the printer cartridges design concept,

700 ml high capacity design to reduce the number of the replacement cartridges , reduce

the waiting time due to run out of ink, printing work convenient no duty, at the same time

provide 110 ml and 350 ml two capacity for users to choose.

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