12:28 pm
01 August 2021

Compact small advantage strong 630 k

630 k stylus printer compact appearance, superior performance,

with up to 400 million times/needle long life of the print head,

the main users easily finish work, heavy paper printing easy jobs

enjoy advantages in function, ratio of super.




7910 printhead


LQ630K stylus printer has a compact structure design, a small can

effectively save space, the operation is very convenient. With 150

Chinese characters per second and 300 characters per second ultra

high speed printing speed, meet the needs of users to print efficiency,

is dominant in the similar products.


630 k stylus printer after fully considering the use of the user application

requirements and development of a product, can fully satisfy the application

of industry users, and optimize the internal structure design, to achieve a

reasonable layout and compact design, greatly save space.

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