09:35 pm
08 December 2021

Commitment to using recycled plastics to make 3D printing wire of BBF company

Commitment to using recycled plastics to make 3D printing wire of BBF company
  Following this news for some keen fans of 3D printing, is definitely a blessing, especially the use of plastic 3D printer for printed material, such as  Cheap 3D Pen. First is the protection of the environment, the next step is greatly reduced the cost of 3D printing. Last year reported a Better Future Factory (BFF) company a Perpetual Plastic (permanent plastic) project. This project mainly focused on recycling plastic from the community and turn it into a 3D print and wire. Then they have further developed a special 3D printing with recycled plastics as raw material wire branded Refil. Recently, the company founder Jonas Martens in an interview when introduced their recent developments.1034122539-8

BFF’s goal is to create a fully 3D print made from recycled plastic and wire, and do not affect the quality. Right from the beginning, their goal is to provide the same quality of green products to replace the current destruction of the environment the plastic wire. Origin of the project was a very humble recycling plastic machine. “Three years ago, we depend on these machines in a Festival as recyclable plastic cups, and break them into small pieces, and then make a 3D print of wire. “Martens noted that” 1.5 years ago, we decided to expand this idea and try to change the 3D printing market. ”

“So we began to explore the use of recycled plastic composite industry standard high quality wire. We developed a car dashboard that uses recycled ABS made of wire and plastic bottles made from PET wire. ”

Due to its environmental and sustainable features, BFF Refil series wire products in the 3D printing community received a warm welcome. Refil 2015 3D printing in Europe show in Berlin on the development of 3D printing best material award. However, the company did not stop. They are going to continue to work until the recycled plastic wire creating groups of first choice, but not to make a gesture symbolic of the protection of the environment. To this end, Martens introduced their next Refil products development plan.103412J46-6

“We were green and blue PET PET to distinguish, to produce different colours of wire. “Martens said. The company’s current PET wire is a translucent white plastic. “We are also recycling the refrigerator called HIPS (high impact polystyrene) whit103412D39-4e plastic, and the PLA and flexible materials. We are trying to expand our material combinations. ”

Martens believes that a wider range of color and material selection for Refil wire huge impetus to the market, they had no reason to choose alternatives to non-renewable. “We want to provide with a list of colored wires, and now we are able to provide only two transparent or black. ”

However, the 3D printing process involved wire manufacturing Refil regeneration is more complex, not all plastics are suitable for recycling and recycling raw materials also have to be handled with care to ensure quality and safety. Martens said: “sometimes the source of recycled materials is also a very big problem, such as used to make ABS wire scrap automobile dashboards, we only use dashboard of Volvo, Audi, because they are able to guarantee the exact properties of the material and quality. The back of the TV set also has ABS, but because it makes it impossible to make recycled fibers added flame retardant. That is why we have to find some specific waste recycling channels: to ensure safe and quality. “Still, the BFF’s founder still did not change its mind: “we just want to produce from the worthless junk comply with normal standards of quality and valuable products. ”