12:07 pm
01 August 2021

ColorFabb uses XT-CF20 high performance wire to print a bicycle

ColorFabb uses XT-CF20 high performance wire to print a bicycle
In recent days, leading wire producer colorFabb to demonstrate XT-CF20 powerful performance for 3D printing materials, colorFabb team using common desktop 3D printers and XT-CF20 wire, print out a fully functional bike, is strictly speaking a bicycle frames, bicycle wheels and drivetrain components produced using traditional. XT-CF20 3D printing materials is colorFabb launched in February this year.
Specific case, colorFabb team uses SOLIDWORKS software to complete the bike‘s design, with a Ultimaker Original Plus the 3D print out. After assembling the design team, an intern from Stephen Sch u rmann it ran a trip to town on a rode the right tests.
The development of this concept bike proves that now uses a generic 3D printers coupled with new composite material can produce a game model bikes. Our design goal is to create a car in real life, normally used by bicycle. ColorFabb team said, We hope to use this bike to show other engineers, 3D printing can do today, moving them to use this technology to achieve their projects.
In order to fully display their XT-CF20 the advantages of carbon fiber filler wire, team 3D printed bicycle weight colorFabb fully meets the requirements of cycling, and the car also has an extremely sturdy frame. Amphora of XT-CF20 is specially designed for 3D printing 3D polymer has excellent rigidity/elongation ratio. So the development team have chosen to use it to print concept bike.


The bike‘s experiments focused on 3D printing can bearing mechanical loads of features. ColorFabb team said. Due to time constraints, they did not print the whole bike, but select a 3D printing connectors, then connect them with pipes.
ColorFabb team recommendations if you want to try it yourself, you can pipe material selection includes, carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, bamboo, etc. Most 3D printers such as the MakerBot, Ultimaker, you can print out the parts it needs and colorFabb teams have succeeded in using the finite element analysis of 3D printed bicycle was tested, and more importantly, members of the colorFabb team have actually ridden this bike, proved its usability in the real world.
This is a new era. From now on, everyone can be 3D printing at home the bike frame. Just some SOLIDWORKS tips, you can develop your own custom version for optimal ergonomic effects. Sch u rmann said. He added that at many online 3D model libraries can also find a lot of free share this design document.

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