08:29 pm
08 December 2021

ColorFabb based on polyester 3D print wire — nGen

ColorFabb based on polyester 3D print wire — nGen

On November 25, 2015, the famous developer of 3D printing wire colorFabb has released a new 3D based on polyester wire — nGen. This wire is made of Eastman Amphora AM3300 3D polymer, low odor, styrene-free, with excellent features, with a wide range of applications, can be used in home appliances, electronic products and medical prosthetics. As a wire developed specifically for 3D printing enthusiasts, nGen heat resistance up to 85 º c, print the temperature ranges 220-240 ºc, there are 17 different colors to choose from. The wire came out of the whole field is a new option for 3D printing, such as 3D printers and Cheap 3D Pens, the scope will further become widely.1-15112G35F2B4

Currently on the market, more and more 3D printed materials continue to emerge, from completely recyclable solutions, rubber materials, until the metal or conductive powder, each applicable to a specific 3D printing innovations. Now, however, the 3D printing enthusiasts increasingly needs a “universal” wire, can be used for a variety of projects without sacrificing quality, speed, reliability, and performance.

By nGen,colorFabb hope to meet this demand. The wire from now on sales, it prints a broad and flexible range of temperature, glass transition temperature exceeds 85 ºc, is the heat resistance of PLA twice times – at the same time, even if a lower temperature compared to other polymers, it can maintain a good flow through the nozzle.

According to the colorFabb company said, one of the most unique performance of nGen is the stability of the melt: “whether the particles or the wire, or 3D printing parts, mechanical properties of the material are not affected, so that it not only stability even commendable, it can print the same part and print failure rate is significantly reduced. “They said. All of these excellent properties leads to more stable results and less time and material waste. Its major properties include:
• Clarity and gloss1-15112G35613191
• Dimensional stability
• Better appearance
• Excellent toughness and high-temperature resistance
• Comply with FDA regulations
• Low odour
• The property is left in the 3D application without styrene

To ensure their material has claimed of all property, colorFabb spent  several months for series 3D printer widely test, which including Lulzbot Mini, and Ultimaker Original, and Ultimaker 2, and Prusa i3 and so on, they even established a convenient resources page, for different of machine lists detailed of print set, makes you can get best of 3D print effect.

After product testing, colorFabb was published for the first time about 17 varieties of nGen (16 colors and 1 transparent wire), prices are similar to their current PLA/PHA wire (35.95 euros per volume).