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21 June 2021

Colombia first birth of 3D printing-guitar

Colombia first birth of 3D printing-guitar
1-151123113ZB08  In February 2014, Javier Munoz, amateur musicians from Colombia came to New York to visit the exhibition of 3D PrintShow, at the show he was Olaf Diegel 3D print United States guitar rock, this unique guitar is in bold red, white, and blue proudly shows the Empire State building, the Freedom Tower, the statue of liberty and other well-known New York City Landmark. He even uses it stood with the presence of other musicians held a short play.
As inspired by 3D printing technology, coupled with full of national pride, Munoz is determined to return to Vietnam made Colombia the first guitar, 3D printing, but also to 100% Colombia design. Eventually, his 3D prints of this instrument‘s name was El Dorado, preColumbian mosaic character, culture and legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads. When people use 3D printer space, applying to medicine, with Cheap 3D Pens in the field of education, this has unexpected on music.
After returning home, his first of several 3D printing to Olaf Diegel studied guitar. However, he found that was not good news. Diegel guitar using 3D Systems sPro 230 industrial level 3D printer to print, using SLS technology and powder material, whic1-151123113914A4h is too expensive for Munoz. There was a time, he thought he might have to completely stop the project. But soon after, he found in Argentina with desktopFDM 3D printer to print out the guitar, this method more possibilities for Munoz.
So he quickly put the design. I want to use some of the things in our culture, Colombia first guitar 3D printing needs to be 100% Colombia design. Munoz said. Then he turned to the before Columbus arrived in the Caribbean, North America, Central and South American indigenous peoples for the Visual Arts, and try to express them during the manufacturing process. I admire ancestors valued and we care about our land above all else. For this reason, I decided to make a former Colombia design.Of course, as a United States heavy metal fans, he is on this guitar, plus a few other things: the main body of the instrument is based on the famous Randy Rhoads Flying v guitar design.
In order to create a 3D model, Munoz using Inventor software. Then he shared with Ana Maria Mu n oz the project, who is the founder of ¼ Tech, this is only equipped with 3D printing devices in Bogotá the hackerspace, Munoz of this guitar which is done here, 3D printing time spent about 70 hours. He also brought the guitar to the 2015 Sal del Ocio y La Fantas í ó n a en Corferias (arts, culture and technology exhibition), and shares his works using 3D printing technology.1-1511231139252I