03:56 am
21 June 2021

Christmas gifts for kids : Mini Rex 3D print

Christmas gifts for kids : Mini Rex 3D print

Christmas is on its way, University of Manchester team  have prepared a very special gift for prehistoric animal lovers: perfect 3d print of the Rex.According to the understanding of China’s 3d print network, the researchers initially only want to build a computer based simulation project, to study dinosaurs activities. When they find out  the simulation projects with other potential applications, these 3d images into 3d printed models.Researcher Dr Bill sellers said : ” The accuracy of these models is very impressive, and there’s pretty fun.Kids will love them, including all interested in dinosaurs would love it, imagine when these lifelike models appeared on the Christmas tree, they’ll  feel surprise.However, Christmas is approaching, there is a printer is ideal for beauty girl,Nail Art Printer making you more beautiful on Christmas day.


Take two factors into account the time and money, dinosaur fans can also print only a small portion of the 3d model. ” If you don’t have enough time to print a complete dinosaur, you can choose to print only the skull, the effect is also amazing.” Sellers added. Moot because the initial project need to build an open source program, to develop this particular application, the researchers collected a large number of dinosaur physiology of information, which is one of the reasons why these models look so vivid.In addition, they also use Kinect during the development process. Sellers explained : ” we are  interested in dinosaurs how subjects, the computer simulation information is also helpful  for the research project.709

Although the Kinect is a system designed for the game , but it turns out, it also performed well in biology. The picture below is based on the software generates a series of lively dinosaurs moving image.Sellers said : ” This software is not just simply animate the dinosaurs, It use Kinect interface measure your body movements, and muscle movement simulation to the dinosaurs, calculated from Newton’s laws of motion by the action of the muscle strength lead dinosaur do the action.703