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08 December 2021

CHINA PRINT 2017 is devoted to six highlights

CHINA PRINT 2017 is devoted to six highlights

By China printing and the equipment equipment industrial association, and China International exhibition center group joint hosted of Nineth session Beijing International printing technology exhibition (CHINA PRINT 2017) will Yu May 2017 9-13th in China International Exhibition Center new Museum held, is expected to exhibition manufacturers over 1000 home, exhibits covers printing Qian, and printing in the, and printing Hou of latest equipment and the technology, displayed area will over 160,000 square meters, is 2017 degrees global scale maximum, and most important of international printing exhibition. Good quality and design printhead will also be exhibit, such as Canon printheads.

imagesOne or six highlights exciting show
1, exhibited large-scale reconstruction in Asia Exhibition

In order to fully meet the needs of exhibitors participating, this year’s CHINA PRINT 2017 plan is expected to exceed the total exhibition area of 160,000 square meters, will continue to firm, “Asia first” international print exhibition.

2, six College Hall eight zone power matching

Six theme pavilions: 1. integrated printing house 2. digital printing Pavilion 3. label printing museum 4. printed packaging Pavilion after 5. equipment, supplies, Hall 6. cutting-edge technology Pavilion.
Eight major feature area: 1. VOC control section 2.3D zone 3.RFID zone 4. ” Internet industrial robots “section 5″. Internet printing “section 6.” Internet packaging “section 7″. Internet media “section 8.” Internet Electronics “zone

3, industry titans gathered display printing solutions

Traditional offset printing, digital printing, packaging printing, label printing, printing plates, printing, supplies and other areas of international and domestic Giants will all exhibitors, also will be on hand to introduce the Chinese first, starting in Asia, even the world debut of the latest printing technology and equipment show will highlight the frequency, and splendor.

4, new technology showcase to promote industry developmentindex
CHINA PRINT 2017 will be settings related to new technologies in the field of display area in the Pavilion, displaying the latest industry technologies and products, and invited the well-known manufacturers, experts and scholars to interpret the trends in the development of new technologies and applications, through the Exchange and sharing of participants, promote the development of industries and markets.

5, the Forum gathers together over the activities

CHINA PRINT 2017 will held fourth session international printing industrial development forum (Forum-PI), and China printing peak Forum, and China label printing Industrial Forum, high-end Forum, while also will held sixth session Chinese printed award awards ceremony, and Asia printing exhibition Union Conference, and national theme day, more field professional, and advanced, and rich of earlier activities, full grasp industry trend and dynamic, common discussion printing status and future.

6, strong global resources exhibition promotion

CHINA PRINT 2017 will give full play to the China printing and printing equipment industries Association of industry, use its 10 professional chapters, 7, 48, a member of the Committee, as well as the provinces and autonomous regions Brothers Association of domestic manufacturers, users, and buyers.