11:41 am
22 June 2021

Children are very happy now, even the rocket toy 3D print custom

Children are very happy now, even the rocket toy 3D print custom

I believe many people like me, play doll as a child, pretending to be the people who lived in the House, tire of playing with toys in the House every day and every little thing. Recently, a two year old little boy toys House to new heights, his grandfather for his 3D printing a two-foot-high space rockets.I am envious of Benjamin at the same time, also could not help but marvel at the 3D printing can make the dream a reality.But I also try to use Cheap 3D Pen to make my own toys, although not as majestic as the rockets, but it is also an attempt of 3D printing, then let us take a look at part of the Benjamin rocket.

The lucky two-year-ol1-151020095A9228d boy named Benjamin, he received his grandfather with the ultimate gift of 3D printing space rocket Dollhouse. Print design by 3D, my grandpa was placed in this room that astronauts, Lunar Rover simulation objects. MakerBot before said this inspired him to see others sharing a 3D print rocket.
“My plan is to create a single open rocket containing a variety of space objects, such as the Lunar Rover, reserves, such as oxygen tanks, small crew so I can pretend to ride a rocket carrying the spacecraft to explore the universe”, his inner child is obvious, because driving a rocket ship is every child’s dream.

The rocket consists of three layers, each layer has a circular opening in the mid1-151020095G3403dle. In addition, each floor has a theme phrase: “Benjamin rocket”, “launch 3-2-1″, “here we go”. Grandpa rocket equipped with a series of Cosmonaut accessories, including computer, radar, flight control panels, including oxygen, food and water. Even better is that Grandpa has also designed a Lunar Rover to the Moon, the rovers have a cockpit that can carry two astronauts and their much-needed oxygen and, in addition, thi1-151020095F5604s trailer can also be placed on the station, to obtain extra supplies.

Grandpa uses a basic 3D metal printer, the entire print process, he uses a lot of different colors of ABS material. In order to make the whole platform more perfect, he also used a heated bed. Amazing is that rockets and accessories by 195 individual parts over 300 hours to finish printing.