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30 July 2021

Chef printed out edible Palace of Versailles by ChefJet Pro 3D printers

Chef printed out edible Palace of Versailles by ChefJet Pro 3D printers
The Palace of Versailles, is food country France one of the most important palaces in which France occupies an important place in the history. And in the hearts of the peoples of the world, Versailles is France‘s landmark.
Therefore, when Washington, Bellevue‘s famouscooking laboratory modernist cuisine (Modernist Cuisine) for 3D Systems Corporation commissioned, ready to team up to make an uncompromising attention to detail, 3D printing food when they decided to pay tribute to this culinary Palace, the most famous of the great powers. With the cooking laboratory has close to perfect your butter recipe, so they decided to use 3D sugar printing a model of the Palace of Versailles, and its exquisite decoration as a dessert bread.
Modernist cuisine started by hand-drawn outlines a simplified version of this landmark court sketches. According to the idea of the team chef Francisco Migoya, the elaborate desserts include sugar 3D print of the Palace of Versailles, and pastry plants, also have a carefully cut into the gardens of Versailles with acrylic material. When Migoya after you are satisfied with your design, his own sketch to 3D Systems Culinary, converting it into a d model, eventually making the team uses 3D Systems ChefJet Pro 3D food printer to pure white sugar for material 3D printing it out.
The 3D printed candy Palace of Versailles, you need to completely surround a French bread, Brioche, while still maintaining the look and feel of Versailles. Because ChefJet is a powderbased 3D printing, 3D Systems Culinary Team can design and print a typical baroque castle, including its unique Windows, ornate doors. In fact, this structure with a complex geometry is also only sugars like the ChefJet Pro 3D printer can make it. According to tiangong social understand, to in print such a brittle material Shi still keep object is high of details level, if is with similar FDM such of technology words may will need using large of support structure, but ChefJet Pro using of technology basically is like inkjet printer as by layer Jet adhesive will powdered sugar bonded in with, so other of powdered sugar on up to has support role, completely without print support structure, print completed Hou just with compression air will powder blow.
When the d print 3D Systems Culinary Team of sugar after you take out the Palace of Versailles, Chef Migoya delicious Brioche baking immediately. This is the essence of the project as a whole, completely out of ecstasy, using a lot of eggs, butter, subtle sweetness, absolutely delicious. Then he coated on Brioche pectin and water added gloss to it, and then at the top of the Palace of Versailles with gold foil, making it even more beautiful. The gold is safe to eat. Modernist cuisine blog explained.


When all the parts are in place and then, Migoya found they completed just in time for France national day. He modified acrylic base, covered with a layer of green Japanese style bread crumbs (Panko) simulated turf and add some pastry brush.
Worth mentioning is the Brioche Migoya Cook is no ordinary bread, it uses a source of 18th century old recipes. Made with plenty of eggs and butter, the crust is crispy, super soft, rich and sweetish taste and quite delicious.

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