04:25 pm
02 March 2021

Cheap ,safe 3d Printer, Rever,even children can use

Cheap ,safe 3d Printer, Rever,even children can use

3D Printer prices are slowly declining, in addition to professional 3d printer, in fact, we just want to be able to have many ordinary cheaper and affordable 3D printers, to appear in the user’s home .603

In fact, on kickstarter have a lot of interesting 3d printer, and specially designed for each  ordinary family.Because have many choice  , ordinary people are confused to make a  choose. Qubea recently launched a most easy to use, home of the 3d Rever, even the children can use simple, and very security of the entire fuselage design.Besides, ABS 3d Printer is also operate easily and occupy a seat on the market.601

Rever’s  opertation looks very simple, if you are an experienced user, you can also connect computer, printer, or use any third party APP for three – dimensional printing.

In  security, Rever are equipped with transparent doors with locking function, in the case of closed can still let the children see the 3d printing process, when there is any potential danger, and isolate security doors can escape from  dangerous.600

At present, the Rever putting all the chips on Kickstarter, the raising price of $284 ( about 1810 yuan ), if all goes well, is expected to ship in January 2016.