04:38 pm
14 June 2021

Cheap 3D pen ”draw” absolutely beautiful dress !

Cheap 3D pen  ”draw”  absolutely beautiful dress !
If using a desktop or professional 3D printer print out clothing, we have nothing to say. But recently two young Hong Kong fashion designers, founded by fashion design brand3Doodler create a stunning 3D print dress. This is really beyond our senses! cheap 3D pen707070000...
No one has ever before able to use 3Doodler to create a plastic dress. Said. Pole (SHIGO) explained. Using 3D printing pen sees this beautiful work must have experience of this work difficult with replication. Two is carrying out this project is also designed to challenge themselves, and let more people know about thisd print the extent of what technology can do.QQ截图20151026171907
Pole (SHIGO) this 3D print dress design theme is shells. It is understood that their two styles of shell pattern, repeatedly intertwined in this lace dress showed. From design, selection, 3Doodler takes about three months to complete the whole project, from the design, selection, to the 3Doodler for this dress with 3D effect, spent three months in total.
Two designers draw the basic pattern on the cardboard first. 2D printer and then print out the shell pattern, correctly painted against the basic pattern on the cardboard. The next step is to build a variety of patterns with a 3Doodler. They use two PLA wire: Blue Steel and Diamonds and Pearls. After completing the whole works in 3Doodler, the bottom of the cardboard is stripped, a nice 3D print dress emerged.
Only not 3Doodler throughout the dress part is made of buttons. These buttons fixed to the clothing with PLA plastic on the sides and shoulders.

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