06:29 pm
21 January 2021

Cheap 3D pen : 3D printing technology from an early age to the public

Such a message was recently posted on the Microsoft Press Conference: Microsoft announced Windows device supports 3D printing details and confirmed the trend of 3D printing becomes more mainstream.

Microsoft is in the special period of high substitution, and just buy Nokia business soon, choice announcpandamoto-3d-arts-crafts-3d-printing-doodle-printer-pen-with-free-abs-filament-yellow-6950ed at this time in the United States territory of the Microsoft stores begin selling 3D printers, is undoubtedly a great meaning.

Microsoft is responsible for pioneering Shanen Boettcher, General Manager of Business Startup Business Group sing the praises for the 3D printer in a recent interview, “3D print prices are no longer ridiculously expensive, and printing easier. Some analysts pointed out that by 2016, the market for 3D printing will have as much as $ 3.1 billion. “He noted that” many experts believe that 3D printing would trigger a recovery in the manufacturing sector. ”

Of course, Microsoft isn’t MakerBot 3D eggs in this one basket. Shanen told reporters that there are a number of other Microsoft partners with 3D technology-related companies, including 3D printing 3D Systems, Afinia, Formlabs, Tiertime and Stratasys, digital design and software company Autodesk, 3D software design company Netfabb, and Trimble mapping and application development company.

Why all this fanfare step1(36104)ped into the 3D printed in Microsoft? Boettcher said this is because the 3D printing has come of age. Technology development of 3D printing prices fell sharply, thus lowering the threshold of market access. 3D industries will bring Microsoft a potentially valuable new business: using 3D printing technology to replace traditional plastic injection molding process, providing manufacturers with manufacturing rapid prototyping and tooling services.

What about Microsoft how to intervene in areas of 3D printing? don’t forget, is the first Windows 8 operating system provides system-level support for 3D printing.It is clear that Microsoft is not the only one into the 3D printing boom in company. United States staples (Staples) are now selling Cube 3D printer. Consumers also can at best buy (BestBuy) on the company’s Web site to buy Afinia 3D printer.