04:26 am
22 October 2021

Brighten your day with this 3D painting Lampshade

Brighten your day with this 3D painting Lampshade

When I found out we were going to take over the windows at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) I wanted to do something new with the 3D pen that would utilize it in a completely different way.

3Doodled-lampshade-2We always tell people you can use the 3D pen to decorate your house (or office) but as a team we hadn’t yet made anything that proved it – Plus I needed a good excuse to use some of our translucent plastic! Taking inspiration from our new design intern’s passion for origami I wanted to build a lampshade made completely out of triangles.


Since we had a tight deadline I needed to call on the help of some friends, but also wanted to make sure the doodling of the lamp shade was consistent. I designed a simple stencil with 12 triangles and we set about doodling 12 triangles in 8 different PLA filament colors (2 translucent colors and 6 lighter colors so that the light would shine through the thin layer of plastic). PLA always leaves a shiny finish compared to ABS‘s matte finish, so for a lamp shade using PLA was the obvious choice.


Once we had all our triangles on the table we tried to figure out the best way to piece it all together. The possibilities were endless, with different color combinations, patterns, and angles to create depth. We ended up going with a classic cylindrical shape with each horizontal row of the lamp shade consisting of 16 triangles (or two triangular pieces of each color). The triangles were joined using white plastic strands (which we had pre-cut) to make sure the spacing was consistent. The white border on each of the triangles also made the colors pop.


As always the lampshade stencil is on our community website, so go ahead ‘brighten’ your day and try it out yourself. And if you’re feeling extra creative see what other fun shapes you can make by joining the triangles.

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