04:02 am
22 October 2021

“Box shot” sells express boxes with high style

“Box shot” sells express boxes with high style

“After the double 11th, you will find it fake that those girls can’t unscrew bottle caps. You try to let them open ten express boxes, and they even do not need a pair of scissors.”

imagesThis is a widespread joke after the double 11th. But behind the jokes, the express boxes are evolving from a traditional “ragged” ones to important marketing components.

In June this year, Tmall remade its express box into “newsbox” and consumers may receive delivery boxes printed featured information, such as “the southern weekend”. Around July, Amazon has launched the theme of Minions and ind2exlimited edition Thomas trains. The Minions can also be made by cheap 3D pens by yourself.

Besides electric business platform, traditional express boxes also begin to get wide concern. Before and after the film “Embarrassing in Hong Kong” released, the development platform “box shot” became the newer of this new industry, printing express boxes with the theme of the film  (also called “embarrassing box”). But different from electric business platform, “box shot” is positioning its users more on television IP and the general brand business.

Xingewenchuang Industry limited Chairman Su Xiaodong said to Tencent technology,” Express box is the bestinde1x carrier connecting people and goods during the rapid development of e-commerce today. This carrier owns nationwide advertising capabilities, so it can be a very good advertising platform in the future.”