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21 June 2021

Based on xaar print head’s packaging systems

Based on xaar print head’s packaging systems

    World’s first Assemb77787877ly Purcell Xaar KHS 1002 print head print packaging systems, recently in Belgium famous beer brewery Martens Brouwerij in industrial-scale application, directly to the PET beer bottles for packaging printing.

This directly prints the packaging system is the world’s leading professional manufacturer KHS filling and packaging systems research and development, commercialization of 987777878NMP and through its innovative business subsidiary to market. Martens brewery printed directly on the production line equipment, using Xaar 1002 GS6 print head, and low permeability LED UV-curable ink, on the PET beer bottles at a production speed of 12000 bottles per hour, direct-injection high resolution (1080 dpi optical resolution and physical resolution of 360 dpi) colors (cyan-magenta-yellow-black + white) image9878787s and text. Powered by Xaar 1002 print head which has once again demonstrated its “real in the circulating patent technology of” market-leading position and vertical printing performance.

Print head features and reliability to ensure in a pot on a high speed, high quality graphics and text printing is very important. “KHS is cooperating closely with Xaar, because Xaar has a unique market leading technology and can adapt to the technical requirements. Xaar and KHS print technology team has embarked on several years of cooperation, good progress “, Phil Johnson,” said Xaar 1002 direct printing print head one way, for us in the PET bottle provides excellent quality information and reliable production. Especially important of is Xaar of ‘ real within cycle patent technology ‘, can makes spray printing head within of ink always in cycle State, which we determine has will spray printing head to vertical tied of way, installation in printing disc transmission with Shang, smooth, and precise to will ink spray printing to bottle Shang, and can always maintained high-speed spray printing, and coherent consistent of precise spray printing quality. “Direct printing pack78877777aging systems are available in diameters of 40 to 125mm bottles, printing graphics and text content of up to 70 mm, bottle size you can also quickly when needed, automatically transforms. KHS printing packaging system for modular combination design, offers 12000, 24000, 36000 bottles/hour print speed and configuration.

Xaar head Myjet Printer Strain Pulley

“Directly to the commodity form printing is increasingly a cause for concern, because brand manufacturers have begun to realize its enormous market potential”, Xaar’s Director of business development Mark Alexander says, “we will see, there will be more and more in the market of Xaar 1002 ink jet printing head and ‘ really in the circulating patent technology ‘ was applied to creative applications on the system. They will be in PET, glass, cans and other industries in the filling and packaging process, need the powerful digital printing capabilities. ”

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