02:54 am
25 September 2021

Bacillus natto 3D printed into the fabric to make breathing clothes   

Bacillus natto 3D printed into the fabric to make breathing clothes   

in5dexIf an ancient bacteria helps you regulate body temperature in your clothes and shoes, what will happen?

Recently, researchers of Media Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology found an ancient bacteria in Japanese natto, and the bacteria can quickly react to sweat and moisture sensors, such as opening and contracting. As inspired by this ancient bacteria, MIT, the Royal College of Art and New Balance,a ind3exbodacious sport brand in recent years,  have worked together to create a 3D printing bio-mix material–bioLogic , which can be used in the manufacture of traditional clothing and sports clothing with automatic heat dissipation and perspiration. Da Vinci 3D Printer stands out.

Even though haven’t been to Japan, from film and television, we can also find the natto is Japanese traditional food. In fact, it is a kind of fermented soybeans, so why is natto special? The answer is: Bacillus natto. BioLogic
image2sstructure relies on that natto cells are directly embedded in elastic material, and then into clothes. The cells will regulate opening or closing degrees of clothes according to the wearer’s body temperature. As the temperature increases, each natto cells can rapidly expands to the size of 50%.

The researchers specifically develop 3D printers that can print this biological imagesmaterial, so that natto cells can be directly printed into the spandex and other fabric. For example, when dancers are dancing, they perspire more along the shoulder blade, where this biological hybrid material can be used. It will automatically roll up and down based on the dancer’s body temperature.

Natto has many other uses, such as tea labels, 3D printing of Bacillus natto shade. And after hybridization with it, the flowers will open and close petals according to the heat of the sun.